Community of Practice

NACCHO’s Community of Practice (CoP) model is a peer-to-peer collaborative learning and sharing environment geared toward enhancing local health departments’ utilization of innovative strategies and sparking ideas and conversations among practitioners.


With a growing number of public health challenges and a recognized need to address the root causes of health outcomes, local health departments (LHDs) have been using health impact assessment (HIA), and other Health in All Policies (HiAP) approaches, to work strategically and innovatively with non-traditional partners to promote and protect the public’s health by informing decision outcomes that do not routinely consider health. HIA provides a structured framework to integrate health considerations in proposed policies, programs, and plans. LHDs are important partners in HIA practice in the United States. Currently, a third of all HIAs are led by or involve a LHD.1 The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) has had a long history of supporting efforts to promote HIA practice at LHDs.

With support from Health Impact Project, NACCHO is continuing to foster HIA practice and leadership among LHD-based practitioners by instituting a Community of Practice (CoP), made up of HIA practitioners from across the country. The goal of the CoP is to promote the use of HIA among LHDs by providing a peer-to-peer collaborative environment to connect practitioners, sharing relevant information and innovative models of practice and lessons learned, and increasing access to technical assistance, webinars, and other educational information or skill-building opportunities.



Benefits of CoP Membership:

  • Participating in the CoP provides you and your local health department an opportunity to improve and shape the HIA field, particularly practice at local health departments nationwide.
  • You and your LHD also have a chance to network and learn from other local health department-based practitioners, contribute to developing needed resources, and build your subject matter expertise in HIA.
  • You will also have increased access to technical assistance and timely access to information, such as upcoming funding opportunities.


Components of the CoP:

The program will facilitate interaction and discussion among participants through:

  • Potential travel to the National HIA Meeting and an in-person CoP meeting in Washington, DC in June 2015;
  • Regular communication through periodic conference calls, emails, and use of an online web portal;
  • Strategic visioning process and development of a scope of work;
  • The design and creation of needed HIA resources as identified by the CoP, including webinars;
  • Publication of an e-newsletter; and
  • Increased and improved online presence focused on promoting HIA resources among all LHDs.
  • The CoP will run from April 2015 through September 2016.



This document was made possible through support from Contract Number 00027861 with Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts. NACCHO is grateful for this support. The views expressed within do not necessarily represent those of the Health Impact Project, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, or The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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